Nutri-Pak® Products

Nutri-Pak® fertilizer packets have a revolutionary method of delivering nutrients to a plant’s root zone.  This method guarantees that nutrient loss due to leaching or runoff is averted, the cost of labor and supplies are reduced, and damage to the plant from too much fertilizer is eliminated. Nutri-Pak® is also safer for you and the environment because the packets are installed unopened so you never come into contact with the fertilizer itself, and because of its very controlled release there is no surface or groundwater contamination.

To view current Nutri-Pak® packaging options, download our Retail Sell Sheet and watch for new options coming soon.

Nutri-Pak® Fertilizer Packets are available in special nutrient formulas for all these applications:

American Forests: Global ReLeaf       Made in U.S.A.

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